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Video production techniques can take many forms and costs can be controlled depending upon what your goals are. Slides to video with a voice over are easy on the budget but can still effectively communicate your message to your audience. Don’t completely rule out on-camera talent however. In many cases the right talent delivering the right message can be more persuasive and powerful. A good place to start is by taking a look at your largest competitor. What are they doing and saying? And how are they saying it? Best not to mimic them but to surpass them for better market perception of your products and services.

Hazel Hamann, St Louis Video Producer


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Full service video production st louis missouri.

We create and produce innovative videos for your website to capture the essence of your business. Video productions can boost your conversion rate of traffic into business by more than 25%.

From conception to completion, we produce videos for the internet, broadcast television, and mobile.

We are leading the way in providing companies the video and online marketing tools to create a successful branding campaign that energizes your online video presence, and provides you with a competitive edge

We are a st louis video production company located within the St. Louis metropolitan area in south county St Louis, Missouri.

Hazel Hamann, St Louis Video Producer