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We are dedicated to meeting the needs of our clients no matter how big or small the video production. Whether you are producing a corporate video for internal use, b-roll for worldwide broadcast, or a feature length documentary we provide video production services to meet your needs.

Whether your story is about a new product, a social issue, or a corporation, we can help tell your story.  We help our clients successfully engage their audiences and communicate.  We work with everyone; non-profits, broadcasters, video magazines,  start-ups, corporations, advertisers, recruiters, educators, public relations firms and other production companies.

We specialize in on-location video production and creative direction. We effectively manage every aspect of production from creative concept, to lighting design, to directing on-screen talent. We provide a variety of formats to match your production needs and budget. We shoot in High Definition and have a number of in-house cameras.

Providing a full range of production and post-production services we are able to take our projects from concept to final cut, because we offer all of these services in-house we are able to keep our services affordable.

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St Louis Video Production

We can shoot anywhere!  We can videotape at your location or in our spacious studios located in the St Louis metropolitan area. We work for local and out of town producers and can handle a video production project of any type, size and budget. We also produce video productions for advertising agencies, public relations firms, web video producers and internet designers. We also work directly with businesses, some very large and some very small. We’ll do our best to work within your video communications budget.



Robert Haller, St Louis Video Producer

St Louis Video Production

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st louis video production promotional videos.

Prioritize your messages and keep it brief. It is tempting to want to present every every benefit, to as many different audiences as possible.  However, the sweet spot for web promotional videos tend to be around 1-2 minutes.  Of course it also depends upon the goals of your video production.

st louis video production companies

st louis video production companies

It’s important that you, your producer and your scriptwriter should select just a few messages to put in your promotional video.  Who are you targeting?  Are you trying to differentiate yourselves from an established competitor? Are you solving a new problem that is not being addressed by competitors or is it a new solution to an old problem?  Is there information that all users must know about your product ahead of time to use it effectively?

These are the types of questions that help determine what goes into your video production. Focus on a just a few important messages for your promotional video.

Robert Haller