about st louis video production companies

Full service st louis video production.  You have a story to tell and we know how to tell it with video!

Our st louis video production team shares a passion for translating a great idea into an engaging user experience.

We create HD video productions, interactive presentations, BlueRay/DVD authoring, motion graphics, 3D animation, podcasts and webcasts.  If it’s digital production, we can direct and produce it!

Our video teams pre-plan to create a product that is well designed and functional for your team. Our studio contains the latest equipment and software.

Our video production teams are experts, in broadcast programs, commercials, documentary’s, and corporate marketing videos. Whether you want a videographer for a single day shoot or a production team, our video team will provide you with local, highly skilled professionals.

We specialize in corporate, advertising, and editorial photography for clients of all sizes and types. We are local and have a long history of producing high-quality portraits, architectural photographs, and product videos and pictures in addition to corporate event photography and editorial work.

Whether you require a comprehensive photo and video service or a full-service studio, we can accommodate you. Having our studio will save you money and time.

We bring decades of experience and creative energy to every project, whether we’re directing a large ad agency shoot for a prestigious agency or a low-budget portrait for a corporate marketing department.

Our video production studio is responsible for creative commercials branded content videos and social media campaigns.

Create and craft content that engages? Our video studio can help!

We specialize in creative visuals. From commercials to branded content, we’ve got the know-how. Get that edge. Let us make stunning visuals for you today!


Welcome to our video production studio! We are a cutting-edge media production house. We create creative commercials, branded content videos, and social media campaigns for many different types of clients. Our team uses the latest technology to create visually stunning experiences.

Our mission is to bring our clients’ visions to life. Plus, we make memorable and engaging content that packs a powerful message. With over a decade of experience, we deliver award-winning projects on time and on budget. We’re at the forefront of visual storytelling, offering innovative solutions for the digital age.

Come explore how we can help you bring your visions into reality!

What We Do

At Our Video Production Studio, we craft stories to captivate your customers and pull them into your brand. Our professionals will help you craft content – commercials, branded content, and web videos – that are tailored to your budget and creative requirements.

The process starts with concept creation. We’ll work with you to develop a plan and vision for each project. We have experience creating messaging, story arcs, shot lists, editing processes, and motion graphics. Then comes pre-production, where we’ll collaborate on the story: crew, wardrobe/hair & make-up design, casting talent, music selection, filming techniques, and post production details.

Then it’s all about delivering the highest quality video! We do wireless camera operation; high speed cameras; cinematography with high end Arri drones; Steadicam operating; jibs & dolly rails systems. We know color grading and look optimization best practices to make sure your video looks consistent on TV commercials, online videos, social media campaigns, or corporate presentations. For audio, we do Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound Mixing & Mastering to make sure your mix sounds great no matter the playback device.

Our Creative Process

At our video production studio, we have a chat about the client’s vision for the project. We discuss the scope of the project and make a timeline.

Then our creative team members create a concept for the commercial or video. Research is essential – they look into the company’s industry and its competitors.

Our studio has invested in high-end editing software and hardware and employs a full-time editor. This ensures we finish projects on time.

We give detailed notes about the development process and promotional strategy guidance. This helps clients maximize ROI from launch events and marketing campaigns.

Our Clients

Our video production studio provides creative and personalized experiences for customers from all backgrounds – businesses, individuals, and organizations. We specialize in commercials, branded content, explanatory animations, and social media campaigns.

Our team collaborates with the customer’s vision. We create storytelling pieces that communicate their messages effectively. We have a team with expertise in cinematography, scriptwriting, video editing, 2D & 3D animation, special effects, and sound engineering. We use industry-standard software programs, so we make sure to use the latest tech.

We value our customer’s trust – we want to create a high-quality product that meets their expectations at every level. From pre-production planning to post-production delivery, our goal is complete satisfaction. We guarantee a supportive relationship with our clients throughout their project timeframe!

Our Portfolio

We make high-quality videos that captivate viewers. We tailor each project for our clients, so no two are the same. Whether you need a corporate video, school project, commercial, or industrial production, our team has expertise and resources to create an engaging video that resonates with your target audience.

Our portfolio includes commercials, branded content, and social media campaigns. In each case, we focus on videos that showcase your brand and meet your business goals. Plus, we make educational videos about things like product demos and safety instructions.

We always strive for the highest quality product. We use professional cameras, mics, and editing platforms like Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects to turn raw footage into videos quickly and efficiently. Our staff attends workshops to stay updated on software for complex animations.

For each portfolio entry, there’s a description plus a video clip to show our production capabilities. These clips give you a glimpse of our quality, so when you hire us, you can trust that your video will make a lasting impression!

Benefits of Working with Us

We specialize in getting your message to the right people. Years of experience creating commercials, branded content and social media campaigns means we know how to get you an amazing result.

We offer:

  • Creative Concepts: We listen to your needs and create amazing visuals.
  • High Quality Output: We create inspiring visuals to bring your brand story to life.
  • Comprehensive Solutions: Scriptwriting, video production, direction, editing, sound design and post production.
  • Tailored Packages: Flexible packages to fit your budget.
  • On-time Delivery: We always finish on time and within budget.

Our Team

Our video production team is full of experts with top-notch knowledge in film and video production. Our crew includes cinematographers, directors, videographers, post-production teams, and writers. We make unique, creative commercials, branded content videos, social media campaigns, and more with great detail.

We partner with our clients to bring their vision to life, while also fitting to their needs. We study our clients’ goals, objectives, and target audience, plus the project’s progress at each step. Our passion is making impactful videos that tell amazing stories, captivating viewers from all around the world.

Contact Us

Thank you for considering us! We get it – visual storytelling is a great way to get people interested. Our studio has skilled directors, producers and editors who know how to make awesome videos. They use cameras, sound effects and editing tricks to make content that resonates.

For more information about how we can help your project be successful, please get in touch. Our aim is to give you personalized guidance to make the perfect video that tells your story.

Hazel Hamann, St Louis Video Producer



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