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Full service video production studio in St Louis, Missouri

St Louis studio production. CEO delivers a well written script while filming with teleprompter.
St Louis studio production. CEO delivers a well written script while filming with teleprompter.

We can shoot on location, in studio or on green screen.  We are a full service video production company in St Louis, Missouri.  Our video crews specialize in professional, affordable video production for the Midwest region.

video production in st louis | green screen studio

Whether you need a video overview that tells your company’s story, or client testimonials, tv commercials, live event coverage, product demonstrations, or training and safety videos, we make your video production affordable and profitable.

We own our own studio and have a truckload of our own equipment for remote shoots. That’s why we can meet our customers’ demands fast and offer a comprehensive photo and video service from an creative agency standpoint.

We can also adapt to a greenscreen production at your remote video location.
We can also adapt to a greenscreen production at your remote video location.

Our studio has the capability to shoot both product shots as well as actors and talking heads. We have a large sound stage that enables us to shoot everything from tabletop setups to product demos with jib shots. Green screens and teleprompters are standard configurations.

Our mobile green screen set up works just as well as our inhouse studio.

Our mobile set up provides a cost-effective, easy solution. Create stunning visuals from home without sacrificing quality! Enjoy incredible content without spending a fortune!


Our mobile green screen set up is perfect for you if you don’t have your own studio. It’s easy to transport, and quick to set up. We include 10ft of backdrop, two 9ft frames, light stands, bulbs/LEDs, and all the necessary cables and cords.

Setting it up takes about 20 mins. We guarantee perfect chroma key visuals every time, so your project will be amazing!

What is a Green Screen?

A green screen is a special tool used in the film and TV industry. When used, it layers special effects onto the footage. It involves an evenly lit green or blue backdrop. This can then be replaced with any image in post-production. It’s also used in video games and other visual effects.

Our mobile green screen features professional equipment, such as chroma-key backdrops, lighting rigs, and a 4K broadcast quality camera system. With our advanced software, we can merge digital elements with your scenes from a distance. We offer you one of the best mobile solutions today.

We won’t just set up – we’ll help you get the appropriate footage. We’ll make sure to maximize the potential of each shoot no matter the location.

Benefits of a Green Screen

Green screens bring many benefits to films, commercials and music videos. They let you separate the subject from the background and edit the image in post-production. You can also virtually add backgrounds for the impression that you shot in various locations. Special effects can be added to keep the same look across different environments.

Our mobile green screen set up gives you the same chroma key performance like an in-house studio. We provide all the equipment, crew and support to make your desired look happen. Our easy-to-assemble kit means no need to rent out extra space or spend time on pre-production setup and teardown.

Our mobile green screen set up is perfect for television series shoots and web content filming!

Mobile Green Screen Set-up

Our mobile green screen set-up provides the same quality images and videos as our in-house studio. It has greater convenience and flexibility. This set-up is perfect for any place, indoors or outdoors. The collapsible background frame fits easily. The polyester screen stays taut when attached. Our lighting system ensures efficiency.

We use state-of-the-art HD DSLR cameras and Hue lighting systems. They render perfect images without fading during editing. Our camera lenses let you have control over 4:3 up to 16:9 aspect ratios. All this is at 1920×1080 resolution (Full HD).

Our package includes setup time and assistance from our team. We also include post-production services and remain available during filming. We make sure that you produce professional quality images with us every time!

Advantages of Mobile Green Screen Set-up

Going mobile with green screens offers lots of benefits over traditional in-studio productions. Taking green screen production on the go is simple, with the right equipment and people.

One of the main advantages is cost. Using existing resources like lighting and cameras can reduce costs, compared to renting a studio. Plus, there’s no large cost upfront since no physical sets need to be built or bought.

Convenience is another bonus. Traveling between locations means there’s no need to transport backdrops and set pieces. Set-ups can be done quickly and easily, making real life settings part of your broadcast or film.

Finally, having a mobile setup gives you reliable access to many environments. This adds diversity and accuracy to your project, which can be hard to achieve without going out into the real world. Perfect for documentaries or exhibits that require multiple locations!

Comparing Mobile Green Screen Set-up to In-house Studio

Green screen technology is a great tool when filming outdoors. Mobile green screens reduce setup time and offer more flexibility. But how does it compare to traditional in-house set-ups?

Light is important. Spotlights or floodlights should be at a 45-degree angle from the screen. No light should point directly onto the backdrop. Reflections should be avoided by using black velvet and wearing black clothing.

In-house studios need extra lighting fixtures and equipment. More space means more distance between actors and camera. This causes issues with audio synchronization.

Mobile set-ups only need two stands, one for the camera and one for the microphone. Lightweight lighting equipment is easy to use. Reflections won’t happen if there are no reflective surfaces nearby. Size doesn’t matter – just roll out what you need and adjust.

Tips for Ensuring Quality Results

A mobile green screen set up can be convenient. But, follow these steps for better results.

First, set the light, with both natural and artificial sources. Use fabric for the green screen, not paint. Make the background even and explain how people should stand. Keep treatments the same throughout. Put the camera at no higher than 45 degrees from the subject’s head. Shoot raw footage for better images in post-production.

These tips will help ensure a smooth production process and good quality results.


Our mobile green screen set up is awesome! We can make professional-looking videos without an in-house studio. It’s highly mobile and easy to set up, so we can make videos anywhere fast. We get the same high-quality footage without the added expense and overhead.

We’ve tested both setups with great results. The perfect solution for any film or video project! Seamless transitions between scenes and a clean background – our mobile green screen setup has it all. Reliable and efficient, we can make high-quality videos quickly and cost effectively.

Hazel Hamann, St Louis Video Producer


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