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Tweaking and tuning your video is part of what brings it all together. Audiences are drawn in by the big picture but then notice the details of a production. It is those things they will remember and take with them.
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Our video post-production facilities are creatively designed to offer you the advantage of working with equipment that can deliver the graphics and attention to detail that polish off your project. Digital video editing, color correction, and various recording formats allow us to meet your needs as well as add the special components you’re looking for.

Our company also offers various processes that are specific to better web streaming. When you work with us, you’ll receive personalized attention as we work directly with you. As your production and 3D animation company, we’ll deliver an individualized video that is nothing like anyone has ever seen before.

Robert Haller

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Our creative video professionals specialize in video shoots and production for websites and for high definition, broadcast-quality DVDs.

We can help you and provide voice-over talent, acting talent, award-winning writers, website designers and website developers. We have everything you need to produce high-quality, professional videos and integrate them into your website.

Our production crew prides itself on meeting budgets and deadlines, personal, one-on-one service and an edgy creativity that you’ll find nowhere else in Saint Louis and the Missouri region.

Rob Haller, St Louis Video Producer
St Louis Video Producer

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The Video Creative Process

Outline your communication goals and budget for the objectives of your video production.

Setup a budget, an understanding of what your production firm will provide and the costs proposed.

Write your script to create the spoken word and visualize for shot direction. Creating the visual storyline for your video and graphics.

Production is the actual video shooting on location or in a studio. Production shots or B-Roll consists of product or service video clips. This can also include on-camera talent with speaking from a teleprompter.

Editing and post production is the cutting or assembly of the video as outlined by your script. Many times this involves color correction, motion graphics, voice over, music and other audio and visual effects.

Approvals and duplication. Viewing online for any edit changes and output and preparation for distribution.

Rob Haller, St Louis Video Producer
St Louis Video Producer