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Prioritize your messages and keep it brief. It is tempting to want to present every every benefit, to as many different audiences as possible.  However, the sweet spot for web promotional videos tend to be around 1-2 minutes.  Of course it also depends upon the goals of your video production.

st louis video production companies

st louis video production companies

It’s important that you, your producer and your scriptwriter should select just a few messages to put in your promotional video.  Who are you targeting?  Are you trying to differentiate yourselves from an established competitor? Are you solving a new problem that is not being addressed by competitors or is it a new solution to an old problem?  Is there information that all users must know about your product ahead of time to use it effectively?

These are the types of questions that help determine what goes into your video production. Focus on a just a few important messages for your promotional video.

Robert Haller

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