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Appearing on Camera in Your Videos

Write your script and practice and practice some more! Then ask your producer for a teleprompter for your videotaping. It will make your delivery more professional and will help shorten the editing time.

st louis video production companies

st louis video production companies

Start by practicing without even having a camera present. No lights either! This will help you just get used to the sound and feel of your own voice “announcing” and speaking out loud. By eliminating all the common stress triggers you give yourself a chance to become comfortable with everything that comes with the act of being on-camera.

Good lighting is crucial. For faces, bright, diffused light works best.

Grooming is important. Wear your best. If you have a makeup artist on the shoot, they will gladly help you. Women normally wear more make-up than normal. For men, makeup is normally a foundation to help even out their skin tones.

On camera delivery is important and requires patience and practice.

Hazel Hamann, St Louis Video Producer


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